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In February this year, when I wrote a piece about adultery and drinking among politicians and the elite in Pakistan (Pakistan’s two value crimes no one talks about), many criticised me saying these were private matters and none of my concern.

In that piece, I did mention China as an example where corruption – financial AND moral – by public officials was not tolerated.

This week, China Daily reported that “adultery” is now banned for party members. Or, they may be sacked from the party.

The Chinese Communist Party is said to be the largest political party in the world with millions of members. So, apparently for our powerful neighbour, it may not be a private matter any more!

China’s example gives us an opportunity to impose this on a Muslim Pakistan, where these vices are already categorised as kabaair (big sins), and should be off-limits any way for a Muslim – private or public individual. So, behave! If not for religious reasons, for your public office!

BBC’s Martin Patience has written this report, parts of which are reproduced.

Cheating on your wife? Well, if you’re a Communist party official you’d better think again – you could face the sack.

We’ve heard a lot about China’s far-reaching anti-corruption campaign at the behest of President Xi Jinping.

Less, however, has been made about the ruling Communist Party’s latest crackdown on “moral corruption”.

While adultery may be frowned upon in China it is not illegal for ordinary citizens.

But according to a report in the English-language newspaper China Daily, “adultery” is now banned for party members.

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The newspaper says that members were warned in June by the Communist Party watchdog that they must adhere to “higher moral standards” than the public.

It reported that six officials have already been found guilty of committing “adultery” – but did not say what punishments had been meted out.

But just when you thought the party was taking a puritanical stand, the newspaper said that when authorities had previously accused officials of “moral corruption” they defined this as having more than “three mistresses”.

In the public’s eyes, mistresses have become the ultimate symbol of corruption. The common assumption is no official would able to buy his mistress a car or a home without pilfering from public funds.

According to a government report in 2007, an astonishing 90% of top officials brought down by corruption scandals had kept a mistress – and in many cases they had more than one.

Source: Martin Patience BBC News, Beijing

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  • Farah Qureshi

    The so called Godless people of Russia recently banned profanity from Movies, theatre, Books and Magazines saying it endangers their moral fabric putting Christian orthodox church as the highest monitor of all such activities.

    If Russia and China can worry about their cultural and moral values, talk and ban these things officially, why does it remain off limits in Pakistan. It’s definitely a matter between Allah and oneself but when you are a public figure there’s nothing about you remains private. And when Allah puts you in an important position you become a live example for people looking up to you.

    Wali Zahid, maybe in coming times Pakistani will start following modesty as next fad thing for now it’s still in fashion to cuss and have illegal relationships.

  • Rehmat Ullah Kundi

    Elite class in Pakistan has only one thing with them: Nuisance Value. This is the tool they use to rule the country. How do you expect them to give up some thing so important for them.

  • Khalid

    Leaders of both conventional and Islamic Political Parties in Pakistan can take one step further and able to set an example later or sooner; at least the major political parties who rules one-after-the-another in Federal/Provinces. Besides religious, its moral and legal obligations. Similar step should also be taken seriously in big corporate/private ventures in addition to SMEs.