terrorism since 1970

2016 update: Turkey: At least 41 people have been killed in Istanbul airport attack.

Istanbul. Brussels. Paris… and the terrorists keep on striking.

Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Somalia, Libya, Turkey, Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan are some of the countries worst hit in the first six months of 2016.

Each dot on this map represents an act of terrorism since 1970.

Pakistan seems to be filled with plenty of dots. Sadly.

Data from the Global Terrorism Database at the University of Maryland.

According to The Washington Post: According to this US government rulebook, officially labeling someone a “terrorist” is much easier than you probably think.

Related: Pakistan ranks 5th in terrorism-affected countries list

More from datahacker here.

Turkey’s suicide bombing

Graphic: Turkey’s suicide bombing problem has gotten a lot worse in the last year: The Washington Post

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  • Rehmat Ullah Kundi

    We need some kind of graph that can show the distribution of terror acts over time. It will definitely show that there is an exponential rise in terrorist activities since the end of cold war and beginning of 9/11. US has to take the most of the blame for this rise because it is acting and behaving as a sole super power since cold war. US feels no responsibility and accountability for all its actions since cold war. It will continue to do so till it is squeezed financially from all sides and it will not be very far for this thing to happen. And it will happen not because of rising of some other super power but crumbling of its owns institutions under their own weight.