In a report by Wall Street Journal on the frontier markets seeing considerable interest from multinational companies, Pakistan is ahead of the pack in terms of the number of companies newly taking an interest in it (see figure above).

Sentiment towards Pakistan, a 200-million nation, improved by 5.6 percentage points, putting it ahead of Africa’s rising stars Nigeria and Kenya, which each saw sentiment improve by just over four percentage points.

This is a very welcome news for Pakistanis, who find them facing one crisis after another and usually suffer from a very low national morale.

This report confirms Goldman Sachs and World Bank forecasts that Pakistan is going to be one of the top 20 economies in the world by 2025.

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Nigeria, Argentina and Vietnam  (see figure below) have emerged as the top three frontier markets that multinational corporations are most interested in investing in, according to the new index of corporate sentiment called The Frontier Markets Sentiment Index.

top 3

To see full report by WSJ, click here.

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  • Shahnaz Farooq

    We welcome this change in perception change of destination investment….and hope it continues in the future too….

  • M. Irfan Siddique Mian

    My dear Wali sb you being the expert in the field must b knowing that “Who” MAKES all these surveys! Unfortunately WE have been put into this situation by the “outsiders” Though I (being a Pakistani) would not deny the truth of being “less honest” & comparatively “less democratic” than many countries of the world but the situation is not that bad as depicted by many of these so-called surveys! I ve been working mostly with Australian & Singaporean companies, who’ve had businesses in India, Bangladesh, & other south East Asian countries as well & believe u me, they had “LOST” huge monies in the those countries (mainly due to corruption & unprofessional handling etc) & rather “gained” millions of dollars in Pakistan in the shape of net profit after tax! In my own opinion, If we hadn’t faced with poor law & order situation, we wud’v been “Asian Tigers” by now, as otherwise we have the “best skilled” & unskilled professionals in the world, Alhamdulilah!