How Train the Trainer program helped me find my life’s purpose!

The Catalyst

Three years ago I attended a weeklong Train the Trainer program with Wali in Kuwait. I was excited because of the title of the training itself. I knew from the start that the training was going to be awesome but it became evident and more interesting the very moment the training started.

Wali is one of the best trainers and speakers that I have met personally. While I follow many well-known global speakers and authors, it is still a different experience learning from a person live.

Wali is very easy to listen to; time just passes by without you knowing it. I remember saying this to myself: “What! It’s break time again!” several times during the five-day training.

Wali has his ways of choosing the right words and the right intonation to deliver his message. You will end up hooked and “sort of” in his spell. I don’t know his secret but he can bring out the best in you. He will encourage you and guide you in finding your true strength.

It was like the training was specifically designed for me. Through Wali, I was able to discover my unique strength and confidence in myself. Before I met Wali, I viewed myself as the “ordinary” type (you will know what I mean when you see me in person) – nothing to offer and can’t compete in the real world. Although I knew that I had something to offer then (experience and wide variety of skills), I didn’t have the drive to push it through. It was a constant struggle. It was not me!

Now, it is a different story. I am now oozing with confidence but in a good way. I am thankful for the lessons, tools, techniques, references, words of wisdom and inspirations that I received during the training; that is knowledge that money can’t buy. The knowledge that I gained from the training became the catalyst towards finding other valuable things and looking at my world differently. Suddenly, there’s magic!

After the training, I felt empowered. I learned a lot of things in that training. Even now, I am still applying them both in my personal and work life.

Two things that awakened me: the lifestyle that Wali introduced (traveling around the world and giving seminars); and, empowering other people through communication.

This is when my journey to empower others started!


Life’s Purpose

When you work abroad, you meet a lot of people. Every time you talk to these people, their stories hit you, and you begin to question your purpose in life.

Oftentimes, I get to talk to my fellow Filipinos (Kabayans) in Kuwait, and they tell me their stories. They have college/university degrees but are working outside their field of study. They are victims of circumstances that force them to accept whatever comes their way first. These people need to rediscover themselves and get out of their current circumstance but don’t know how to or don’t have the courage to do it because they have a family to feed back home. I know the feeling because at some point in my life I was like them.

This is where I got to apply what I learned from Wali’s training.

Armed with the knowledge that I learned from the Train the Trainer program, I started to help my Kabayans in Kuwait. For more than two years now, I have been helping my kabayans on how to properly market themselves (like improving their skills, creating a better resume and salary negotiation skills), and for them to know what to do with their money (financial literacy) and teach them ways to earn online.

I am joined by my wife, who is raising awareness for homeschooling among Filipinos in Kuwait (better education for their kids with significant financial savings) and empowering working/stay-at-home-moms in learning ways to augment the finances for their families via online means.

Helping other people is one of the ways that my wife and I put to good use of our talents. We do the seminars and campaign awareness for FREE, and we find it very fulfilling.  We are banking on the heavenly reward, not the earthly ones.

A Great Mentor

The lessons I learned from Wali’s Train the Trainer program allows me to communicate effectively with different people with different ideals and beliefs. It makes my life’s purpose a bit easier to execute.

To Wali: Thank you for being one of my mentors. I believe that you will continue to empower many more people like me.

Let’s make our life story worth telling 🙂


Frederic “Eidderf” Tubale is an Applications & Information Architect. He works in one of the largest investment banks in Kuwait. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Kuwait.

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