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Wali Zahid’s assessment for Monday 23 June:

Islamabad: Nawaz Sharif (NS) government will overcome this #TUQ threat.

#TUQ will want blood on the streets (see tweets above and below) to create chaos and civil unrest. Because of preemption by NS admin, #TUQ may not achieve.

Tuq twt

In the meanwhile, some behind-the-scene give & take between powers on Musharraf, TTP/NWA ops, IDPs rehab, defence spend, security setup, civil contracts and cabinet reshuffle may take place.

What started as the end of Sharif brothers (with eight #TUQ worker deaths in the Lahore police firing incident last week) may have been averted … only until the next clash of interests or a showdown emerges.

Wallahu Alam Bissawab

Things to watch out in future:

  1. Polarisation between various political and provincial interest-groups is quite high. There’s a clear daggers-drawn opposition, contempt and zero tolerance for each other, visible on social media and TV channels. This needs to be brought down. Whoever controls them need to write a new codebook for their followers.
  2. Media reporting and talk shows require also soul searching and self regulation.
  3. The ruling NS party or government has no presence on social media. They need to create – both to know what’s going on (early warning signals) and to respond to situations, which in a vacuum, may turn into mountains.

Wali is a social scientist and an active user of social media.

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