amna liaqat

I have looked up to a lot of people in life – mentors, leaders and guides – and sadly, most of them turned out to be “momentary”.

But Wali Zahid is someone who had lived up to everything he has ever said!

I was in a whirlpool of corporate politics/competition and felt severely lost, when I met Wali for the first time, for our Train The Trainer program. Those three days are among the best few of my so-far life.

Because, in those three days, someone recognised me as fun, creative, super talented, and (my favourite): DAZZLING!

And somewhere in those past experiences, I had lost that faith in myself. That week, I felt it tingling back into me.

A trainer is someone who polishes your skills, a mentor and guardian is someone who discovers your strengths, helps you develop and protect them. And I found this in my very little, very few coaching moments with Wali.

At times I feel like I’m letting him down by not actioning them the way Wali pushes me to… But every time I meet him, he keeps saying: “Some day, very soon, you will dazzle the world with whatever you decide to do.”

And I know I will… Soon! Insha Allah.

There are very few people in this world who care. And Wali does!

PS: Happy Birthday Wali! This alumni story is your present 🙂

Seven years ago, when she started as a Management Trainee at Bank Alfalah, Amna Liaqat was a shy, timid girl with extreme low-self confidence.

Today, she is a Conference MC, moderator, independent corporate trainer and HR consultant with her own training brand, and associated with many renowned companies in Pakistan.

Fav. Quote: Why try so hard to fit in when you’re born to stand out!

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