Thar coal

HYDERABAD: The Rs 180 billion Thar Coal Power Project of Block-2 of Thar Coal Reserves will start energizing 330 megawatt electricity within three years which will help overcome energy shortage in the country.

This was stated by Engro Coal CEO Shamsuddin Shaikh while briefing on Thar Coal Power Project.

He said that Thar coal has the potential to overcome energy crisis. He refuted the hazards of coal based energy saying that 43 percent of electricity is being produced through coal in various parts of the world.

The completion of Thar Coal Power, which he said is a joint venture of the public and private sectors will start energizing 330 megawatts electricity daily by the year 2017. It will be extended by 500 megawatts per day for a period of 50 years.

Special projects have been prepared for health, education and employment of the youth of Thar district.

An airport will soon start functioning in Islamkot. The construction of international standard roads is also in full swing in the desert district.

He said that reverse osmosis plants are being installed in the area while alternate places are also being provided to the residents of two villages situated in Block-2.

Source: The Nation

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