Salma Bano

I got the opportunity to attend a four-day Train the Trainer program back in July 2011 at PSTD, Karachi. This program is one of the unique and interesting programs to me not because of my own eagerness about the course but because of the course leader, none other than Wali Zahid.

No loud hellos

I still recall the first day when I entered the training room and found Wali sitting on the chair peacefully, working on his laptop. The opening of the session was unusual as there was no loud hellos. He simply stood up and introduced himself followed by participants’ introduction.

Being responsible for HR operations and talent management of a wholesale center at Metro Cash & Carry, Karachi at that time, training was something which I could hardly experience. However, training facilitation used to excite me and on the other hand, the organisation was expanding its operation, hence, needed more HR team members to be involved in training facilitation.

Nominated for TTT workshop by OD Department, I was looking forward to the workshop with all my excitement. When we started the workshop, we realized that we are only five participants in this session. This could have been a bit of put-off, as usually, for a workshop to be interactive, it has to have more or less 12/15 participants.

Actually a blessing

I soon realised that it was actually a blessing: a great opportunity for all us to be coached one-on-one by Wali individually and we could learn about our strengths and areas of development. As the workshop proceeded, Wali touched each topic thoroughly and did not leave even a small query unanswered.

As the course name suggests it is about training skill but to me it was more focused on learning. What are the learning styles of individuals, what motivates the learners, how can we make learning more effective, etc were the topics which took most of my attention. The workshop was really well designed – simple yet impactful. Wali used the learning tools very appropriately. We learned lessons through different videos, case studies and articles.

The learning I gained from TTT and Wali has had a significant impact on my professional and personal development. TTT helped me understand how to design a training course, the leaner’s need and trainer’s various roles.

How to give feedback

However, one of the best learning which inspired me was was on how to give feedback. During the workshop, we not only learned this skill but practiced it which really helped me in all aspects of life. After attending TTT, I successfully conducted Customer Services workshops and participated as a moderator in Leadership workshops at Metro.

A combination of wit and intellect

Besides being a brilliant trainer and coach, Wali is a simple and kindhearted person. His personality is an amazing combination of wit and intellect. Whenever I needed, Wali has always given me advice. It is amazing how he meets thousands of people in trainings and conferences yet remembers all of his alumni and always stay connected.

I look forward to meet Wali at different learning platforms and gain more knowledge from him. I wish him a healthy and happy life. Ameen

Salma has more than seven years of progressive experience in HR. Joined Metro Cash & Carry Pakistan in July 2010 as HR Manager, Karachi. Recently, she worked as Regional Manager People Excellence – South, responsible for HR Operations of four wholesale centers in South region. Prior to Metro, she worked with Byco Petroleum Pakistan and Siemens Engineering Pakistan and managed various recruitment assignments.

  • Akif Zeb

    I have also attended a similar training sessionfew year back.
    It really was a wonderful experience. Wali’s style is his own… not following any other western .. so called modren style. .. breaking the myth of suites only & proving that other things matter a lot more than red ties… fake smiles .. fabricated accents & mundane activities…loved his kurtaz… 🙂