hamid mir

‘Hamid Mir is a traitor. Hang him. Geo is Zionist. Ban it.’

This is the central theme being propagated by the people on social media who have chosen to side by the army. Some are very eager, enthusiastic; some say this in the passing.

What, however, has disturbed me is the force with which many alumni, or sons and daughters of army generals and colonels, on my Facebook newsfeed have emphasized the use of force and violence to deal with these ‘anti-Pakistan’ journalists – the likes of Ansar Abbasi, Hamid Mir, etc.

Within a day of the attack on Hamid Mir, these Fauji kids started yelling: “We recommend that all ghaddars should be summarily prosecuted and shot by a firing squad.”

Now, these kids (these are not really the kids; these are full-blown educated executives, having grabbed senior corporate positions in the country and overseas, the kind of individuals every parent wants) are promoting summary execution and using firing squad. Sends me shrill.

I do not know whether this is the official army line to all these kids, or they are just more eager, more loyal to ISI and army.

Wanted to write this piece the day I saw these posts and statuses, but nature took me away from social media and writing because my sister was diagnosed with GBS with no apparent hope for life, and I had to cancel all my writing/speaking engagements. Only today, she got some signs of life, although still in ICU and on ventilator.

Someone in the army needs to educate the enthusiastic lot to do show solidarity with the army but shy away from calls for sanctioning violence.

This society is already divided, bitten, damaged, bruised, wounded by so many non-state actors. We do not want the followers of a state institution to call for firing squad.

19 April 2015 update: A year has passed since the assassination attempt on Hamid Mir. The commission report is not out yet.

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    The way GEO portrayed continuously Picture of the ISI Cheif and projected ISI as Mujram which is an act of Media Trial
    Makhdoom Javed Hashmi was sentenced for Seven Years or so for so called Crime and GEO has crossed all the limits of Law and State Security
    What ever is the legal course it should be followed briskly and code of conduct should be framed for all types of Media

    • owais

      There is a code of conduct for ‘others” also, if you know what I mean!

  • Irfan Siddique

    There should be “code of conduct” for even the media, and the lawyers I tell you, though I am not in favour of Army or either against it, but these media people & lawyers have become “badmaash” I have many of my school, college mates working for various media group including some very popular acnhors, but most of them are real “frauds”!!! I also know many army officers, beaurocrats, business men who are NOT less than those badmaash media men …. unfortunately from to to bottom, (from peon to President)we have become “opportunists” & “exploiters”we need a wake-up call before it’s too late!

  • Abdul Rashid Athar

    I totally agree with Irfan Saddiqui.