Fed up of lugging heavy bags on your travels? A madcap inventor has found a solution: a suitcase you can drive.

The nightmare of carrying heavy luggage could become a distant memory after a Chinese farmer invented an electric suitcase which can be ridden like a motorcycle.

Amateur inventor He Liangcai unveiled his newly-patented ingenious creation by driving his suitcase from Changsha train station in central China’s Hunan province to his home 7.5 miles (12km) away, reports the Global Times.

“I was inspired when I heard people complain time and again about carrying heavy luggage while travelling, especially when getting a taxi proves to be difficult,” said He.


“This kind of electronic luggage bags actually offers a one-stop solution to that. And it is green and environmentally friendly.”

According to the Chinese newspaper, the farmer took 10 years to perfect the electric suitcase, which can run for up to three hours with a maximum speed of 12mph (19 kmph).

The luggage motorcycle was created from a suitcase and a motorcycle and runs on a small battery.

It can carry two people, has GPS navigation and even comes equipped with a burglar alarm.

But anyone enticed by the convenience of this new invention, be warned of the downside. It will take 7kg off your total luggage allowance, to allow for the weight of all those nifty mechanisms.

Source: Global Times

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  • Asim

    Its feasible for Chinese people because they are slim and travel lighter. While we Pakistani’s are much bulkier than Chinese and travel with a lot of suitcases. One man cannot drive all suitcases. There will be a need to design some sort of small train for us 🙂