This is the story that dominated airwaves and front pages all over the world yesterday and today.

A handshake that will overtake even the big event itself: the Modi inauguration. Why? It was unprecedented. And significant. Two arch rivals attending an event like this for the first time in 66 years’ history after independence.

That may be for the world. But not for Pakistan. Not on Twitter at least.

There were hardly any tweets from Pakistani Twitter users. To the extent that only ‘PM Nawaz Sharif’ appeared in the Twitter trends yesterday and today, that too on bottom trends. There was nothing on Modi or India.

Twitter trends

Now, this is the same Twitter which may have or will carry trends like this: #TuQforPakistan, #KillTheMQMBannerRemovers, #OnlyPTIcansavetheday, #QuaidAzamAltafHussain, #ShameOnABC, #GeoBand.

The question is: Are we this partisan? Or, the cool trends maker were shy of Twitter on this day?

Even the bigger question is: Why has GoP or the ruling PMLN left the social media and Twitter to only its critics?

Currently the top Twitter user forces are: the military, PTI and MQM in this order.

PMLN needs to find a space somewhere on Twitter. The sooner the better.

On a side, when I wanted to do a photo feature for my blog on Nawaz Sharif’s India visit and Modi meeting, I hardly could find a source where to go for photos, to be uploaded in real time.

If it was not for Abdul Basit, Pakistan’s ambassador to India, who is added with me on Facebook, I wouldn’t have got this opportunity too. A Google search didn’t help either. Some thinking-through for the Sharif media handlers may be useful.

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