Ayesha Aamir

TTT stands for Trainer The Trainer. But that’s not what it means to me.

For me, it’s more like Touch The Truths (TTT) of life!

I am 32 years old. My birthday falls on 19th December. This was the day in 2011 when my life took a U turn.

I have been working as a Head Mistress at Roots Millennium Schools in Islamabad. Starting as an assistant teacher for grade 2 at OPF Islamabad, it is now my 11th year of job. My personal and professional lives have been full of ups and downs and I still have a long way to reach my destiny.

That day, I was sitting at Roots conference hall and gathering my thoughts on how I will be accompanying my friends to attend a new training session for the next three days with Wali Zahid. I never imagined that it won’t be just another training. That it will transform my life for ever.

I just don’t know what was in that room that allowed me to speak out all that I never did in my life before. I shared all I ever wanted to share or say. No one actually stopped or overwhelmed me. Sir Wali answered all those open-ended questions which no one answered before in a public space.

During those three days, I met with myself.

I realised that it was not always me who was right or wrong; it were those unanswered questions and my assumptions which had put me in trouble for my entire life.

I always dreamt of ‘being myself’ but never got the courage. Sir Wali gave me that audacity to move on in life.

After the course was over, I was able to live my dreams and have all the spiritual success that I strived for. I truly found myself!

I remember when Sir Wali said that TTT will change your life in three months, but in my case, TTT changed me within those three days!

After attending the course the most challenging task was to unlearn my whole life’s experiences and then to relearn the newfound realities.

I couldn’t sleep for many days and was so confused on what to do now? Questions like if I start living the way I want to what my family and friends will say bothered me. But I got the answer from Sir Wali: if you start living in your own way, they will react matching your style. And that’s precisely what happened.

Now my family and people around take me the way I am. I earned respect, position, status, money and, above all, I now have my soul intact.

Today, I can proudly say that TTT itself is an experience and I was the lucky one who experienced it just when I needed it badly.

Ayesha Aamir currently works as a Head Mistress at Roots Millennium Schools. She is an educator and her job description is to do: Umeed ka karobar (dealer in hope).

  • zaakiya

    Well said Ayesha!

    i am already inspired by u and Mr. Wali Zahid is always a treat listening to! 🙂

  • Asma Mumtaz

    Yes so true,,,,, and as her sis I have seen her changing

  • Ayesha Siddiqi

    MashaAllah Ayesha Amir, You rocked! and Sir Wali now I badly need to find the truth of my life.As Helen Keller said
    “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”

  • Tahira Mushtaq

    Great Struggle n inspiring story.
    Keep it up.
    May Allah bless u♡♡

  • Ayesha Aamir

    Very well said Ayesha…. Thank you all very much for your kind words…

  • Sana Rehman

    Greatly impressive

  • rifatmushtaq

    Roots is a place where v can get ownership.walizahid n faisalmushtaq both u r changing the minds and touching the soul.yeswalizahid has the power to change someone’s mind.hatsoff sir. Ayesha you r really great.no one has such courage to share about herself mind blowingmay aAllah bless you with success and happy life

  • Ayesha Nayyar

    Superb and inspirational indeed <3

  • Nasira Bedar

    Awesome and Inspirational indeed  I never met Wali sab but a great great fan of him.

    Nasira Bedar
    Manager Learning
    Khushhalibank Limited

    • Wali Zahid

      Shukran Nasira for kind comment on Ayesha’s blog post and kind words about me.

  • madiha

    Excellent Ayesha. i am inspired. Keep it up.

  • ayesha aamir

    Thank u all….. i w sharely another turn very soon.. if sir wali allows me….

  • Fareeha

    Thank You Ayesha for such an inspiration as always.Keep up the good job and stay blessed always!!!

    • iqra tariq

      Wow….inspiring….ma’am u r really wonderful…….

  • vj ahammed marfil marfil

    i think its a great lesson about me.so i kindly thank to ayesha and wali sir who give an expressive experience ……….

  • Qaisra Naheed Chaudhry

    Ayesha Amir inspired by your efforts and you have changed a lot mam. May Allah bless you always.