ISLAMABAD – Three Pakistan-origin British politicians have been elected as members of the European Parliament during elections.

According to the election results announced on Monday, Mr. Afzal Khan of Labour Party, Mr Sajjad Karim from Conservative Party and Mr Amjad Bashir from UKIP were elected as the European Parliament members.

In this election, Independent Party has taken a lead by winning 24 seats while Labour Party won 20 seats, Conservative Party 19, Green Party 3 and Liberal Democrat managed to get only 1 seat.

The recent European Parliament elections have shown new trends among the people as there is a very strong sentiment against the EU. It is very interesting to note that the majority of Anti European Union votes were casted in UK, France and Denmark which are under great influence of the US.

It was believed that after the US, the EU would emerge in future as United States of Europe. The recent results of the European Parliament elections indicated that the dream of the elder European politician would never materialise.

Recently, the whole Europe went through severe economic crisis and the masses among the European countries have held European Union responsible for this issue. In Spain and Greece which are under serious economic crisis, maximum have voted to break away or to withdraw from membership of European Union.

Afzal Khan, the Pakistani origin from Jhelum, who has been elected as a member of European parliament is a senior member of the Labour Party. He was elected to the prestigious slot of lord mayor of Manchester, as the youngest and first Asian Muslim from 2005 to 2006. His daughter Maryam Khan was also the ticket-holder of Labour Party from Manchester during the last election and she has also served as a councillor in the area of Longsight.

Sajjad Karim belongs to Mandi Bahauddin and was the previous member of the European Parliament. He was the first British Muslim elected to the European Parliament on 4 June 2004. He was re-elected in June 2009 and 2014. He is cousin of Chaudhry Ejaz Ahmed (former MNA from Mandi Bahauddin). He is a solicitor by profession. In 2005, he established the European Parliament Friends of Pakistan Group, which he continued to chair to this day.

Amjad Bashir was born at Gujarat in 1952. Recently he is running two restaurants at Bradford and one at Manchester. He has been elected to the European Parliament from Independent Party. He is a representative of medium size business community of the UK.

Source: The Nation