Year 2035

Several years ago, in 2006/07 when I was teaching a Leadership Readiness course to MBA students at Zabist, with projects like Pakistan 2030, Faisal Naik, one of our brightest students, wrote this piece [Faisal Naik’s blog post back in 2007, above]. He published on his own blog and on another popular blog, Chowrangi. He recently shared this with us. We thought why not relive that dream in 2035! Here it is reproduced for you.

Highlights of the blog post (Wali’s note to Faisal Naik!)

Faisal Naik – you have been so futuristic! Look: you predicted wearable devices (handheld beeps), fingerprint payment (it’s only today that they announced that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is the first smartphone that can use a fingerprint to authorize payments in stores and online  (  and air cab with vertical take-off — things which were not even heard of then! You also predicted American downfall (although a bit long stretch on ‘at the hands of a few Muslim states’. It’s China, man! 

The following is an account of how I imagine my country to be in the coming years. I wrote this sometime back for another blog. It may be a little far fetched but with the right resources (people, time and money) we might as well reach somewhere close to it. Just sharing it with people at Chowrangi.

Year 2035 | January the 18th | 1840hrs

I look below the entire vast of population. Can’t see a single piece of land not covered by mounting Skyscrapers. As the air-cab maneuvers itself through the skyline – thick dark clouds hovering yet again. Global climatic changes have brought changes to Pakistan’s weather as well, with very few days without rain in the coastal line of Karachi.

I realize I am already late by 10 minutes for conference highlighting Pakistan’s steady growth from developing to a fully developed state. I wonder if Wali Zahid has already started presenting his speech. A split second later the cab pilot descends in front of the 60-storey Hotel Marriott towering over the Karachi Sealine. I press my thumb on the thumb screen and punch in the pin code.. “Rs. 100 charged, Thank you Mr. Naik..”, the semi robotic voice blurts. The door opens and i quickly move towards the entrance.

There is a blip on my handheld – its my colleague asking my whereabouts… “Welcome to the Conference , Naik saheb“, says the organizer. “Its on the 59th, This way please..” He directs me to the elevator. Within a few seconds i reach the floor and enter the hall. Wali is about to start his speech. ”wonderful”, I said to myself and sat within the sight of Wali saheb.

Wali started off with the events of the early century, the supremacy of Americans and how their downfall came at the hands of few Muslim states in the early 2015. “I never believed this to be happening.” He goes, adjusting his glasses, ” I still remember discussing the Superpower lifecycle to a class of students at a Management institute, guess it was 2006, no.. 2005, maybe it was 2006. We did a project called “Project Readiness – Pakistan to become a developed country by 2030″

Half an hour into the session and it brought back sweet old memories of the University life and the friends around. Suddenly my handheld started blipping again, “Oh no, not at this time” It was a call from my shift engineer. “The system is going into overload”. It had been raining pretty heavily for the past 45 minutes and the floodgates to the underground storm water drains at two major cross sections had developed some malfunction.

I send an SOS to the air cab for an emergency pick up going down the elevator. ”Imran, prepare the outdoor team for emergency repair work”. I look at my watch, its almost 19:45. Within 10 minutes i reach the head office for RAIN WATER DRAIN MANAGEMENT (RWDM).

Imran is waiting for me in the Operations center. “Whats the latest, i enquire impatiently?” “Repetitive remote signals to the floodgates at Highway and KPT flyover, have failed”- goes Imran. “The one at Nazimabad underpass started working after it was sent a shutdown command”. “Great”, i exclaimed. “But what about the other two, the water is nearing the threshold”. Alarms signaling of the imminent overload pierce through the centre. “Two separate teams have been dispatched to the problem areas”, explained Imran.

With the rain continuing to pour down, its almost half past eight now and the alarms still buzzing. Suddenly one of the problem area turned green on the RWDM , network map. Wow! I said. one up , one to two. Within the next 5 minutes both Highway and KPT floodgates started functioning. “Imran, keep a lookout for any further malfunctions and keep me informed’

Soon the rain stopped and I decided to get back home. On my way back home i remembered it was my Son’s graduation day the following day. And i wondered time really flies, just as we do everyday.

Faisal Naik

Faisal Naik, the writer of 2035 story in 2007, in a recent photo, above.

Faisal Naik is Global Implementation Manager with Boloro Global ( Faisal has been working in the ICT industry since 1999. He has worked for local Data Network providers, Telecommunication companies (Nortel Networks & Telenor) and more recently in the Financial Services domain. 

A technology enthusiast with strong inclination towards the mobile payment ecosystem, Faisal wants to help bring this technology closer to the end user. Faisal’s professional certifications include PMP, ITIL and Six Sigma. He has a BS in Computer Sciences from SSUET, Karachi and an MBA from SZABIST, Karachi. 

What are your impressions of Faisal’s account? Tell us what you think in the comments, below!

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  • Faisal Naik

    I am literally overwhelmed when I re-read this article of mine. Thank you Sir Wali for letting me re-live that moment in time.
    Only this week I saw an article posted on following link highlight payments through finger-prints. 🙂

    Come to think of it.. Did I travel in time :> ?

  • Shahzad Faisal

    Nice Post! and to Add some favorite quote to this
    “The Future Belongs to Those! Who Know Where They Belong”

  • summaiya saleem

    Wow! A great read…

    I was definitely taken to year 2035 while reading the above article. .Very well written!