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A BBC news report on the sorry state of medical practice in Pakistan.

Strikingly painful data!

Watch out this space on my views on medical education globally and the atrocities it brings to humanity.

Update: HumanizeMedical movement launched. Website | Facebook page | Twitter | Google Plus

Wali has taught an MBA in Health Management course, titled ‘Applied Leadership in Healthcare’ at prestigious Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi. He has conducted a training workshop on changing teaching methodologies for Deans and HODs at Peshawar Medical College, which was quoted in this research. He’s the founder of HumanizeMedical movement.

  • Asad

    This is just the tip of the trashberg. Our non pharmacist mefical store sales person are half doctors. You can acquire any prescription drug you want without prescription. Animal attacks on pateint in hispitals are routine. Dispensers running cilincs as doctors is also a norm in rural areas.

  • farah

    Is it really strange , shocked to see that we don’t have ministry of health even now. Other data , facts are out of question after this.

  • F’rah Mukhtar

    falling ill is a luxury here 🙁 for most of the people, when the time comes, they just die… can’t afford the luxury of falling ill and then, a step ahead, luxury of treatment