YouTube is reportedly building a version for kids under 10 years old, asks creators for child-oriented content

As the biggest video sharing site by a landslide, YouTube attracts people from all walks of life, for better or for worse. Yet the Google-owned company is reportedly developing a version of the site for kids under 10 years old, and has even gauged the interest of video producers willing to create child-oriented content, according to multiple sources cited by The Information.

The goal would be to offer a site that parents could trust, free of both videos and comments that many adults would prefer children not see. Parents could, for example, access a special app on a device or TV that includes only kid-safe videos. The product isn’t anywhere close to being launched, however, and how exactly it will work can is still very much up in the air.

YouTube already has a “safety” mode for filtering out inappropriate content as well as YouTube EDU, a specific version for schools that only contains educational videos. Nevertheless, both contain advertising that can sometimes be questionable, and neither are quite the same as ensuring all available content is specially tailored for a specific age group.



  • Anjum

    I have serious doubts about it, just yesterday law enforcement busted one of the largest network of child cyber porn in USA….in my opinion let the children watch Disney and PBS for their own safety…and do not put them at risk any more then they are now.