Sohail Shahzad

I still remember that one life-changing day of Year 2003 which turned me from just another marketing professional to the one marketing written all over him!

I was a young marketing professional coming out of services sector, to be precise banking, into B2B machinery marketing sector: ambitious yet directionless, a little confused too.

Wali Zahid was conducting a workshop on employee effectiveness for British Council at Karachi Sheraton. I was one of the participants who came out of that workshop that day with a feeling like we never had before! We were the masters of our own career and there was nothing that could stop us achieving that!

Next two and a half years brought me every success which I could have dreamt of and I can safely say that the energy injected in me that day was so limitless that everyday I kept climbing the ladder of career; everyday I woke up with an ambition of accomplishing something more!

Later in 2006, we were privileged that our small company chose to work with Wali Zahid to transform from a local to a modern 1-billion-rupee company in five years.

This was a unique residential opportunity where we all stayed at Arabian Country Club, ate together and without even knowing we started changing slowly.

Our vision became broader, our approach towards different tasks became pragmatic and our take towards personal and professional life got a total new horizon.

The leadership track was built around two important dimensions:

  1. Relationship dimension
  2. Result dimension

We learnt that true leadership is all about building relationships and influencing them to achieve the best of the results.

We followed a very comprehensive leadership track which included series of modules while also using brainstorming tools to engage the collective brainpower of our teams, located in three cities.

We also had the opportunity to assess changes in us by using feedback tools like 360 degree, Johari Window and in-group / out-group testing.

And in closing came a unique opportunity: to have 1 on 1 coaching session with Wali Zahid. It happened at LUMS Rausing Centre in Lahore.

I still remember assessment by Wali that said: “Sohail is a natural leader and by applying his full set of skills, he will make one of the finest marketing professional.”

Today, I am privileged to say that the journey I started on that fine day in 2003 is still continuing. As a marketing professional I have learned a lot, experimented a lot, earned respect in my community of professionals and working on a very important position with a Fortune-500 and Innovative-100 company in the world.

I now have access to the world’s finest management training and coaching professionals. I can say it loud and clear: Wali Zahid ranks amongst the finest in the world.

Sohail Shahzad is currently working as General Manager, Atlas Copco Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. Atlas Copco is a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions, serving customers in more than 180 countries with products and service focused.

Atlas Copco is present in Pakistan from 1964 through its distribution channels and from year 2007 through direct presence serving diversified sectors which includes manufacturing industry, hospitals, public and private sector, construction and mining Industry through its innovative line of products and services.


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