This is the story of Sana Rehman, a simple girl, who, against her father’s wishes, jumped on the bandwagon of studying mass media. To change the condition of the masses around her, she enrolled at Lahore College for Women University (LCWU). The skills and media channels would give her the required weapon to do that, so she thought.

Soon, Sana found the media field a hard pill to swallow: The dualism and prevalent moral evils intensely in this field made this girl worried and discouraged. Sana developed pessimism if she could ever play a role in this morally decaying field.

Back in 2013, when Sir Wali Zahid came to train the faculty and HODs at LCWU, he was invited to record a video interview on his life for university’s TV and FM channel. There was this question where he said: That good and evil in this world go side by side.

Although Sana could not meet Wali on that occasion, while she watched the interview recording, his firm and honest tone left a lasting impression. His name stuck in Sana’s mind and she found him on Facebook. Wali avoids accepting strangers on FB but added Sana on her insistence.

Sana feels that one-on-one mentoring with Wali and his online behavior helped her to re-establish faith that there are still people in the world who follow ethics.

Interestingly, after Wali’s coaching, Sana’s worldview changed.

The benefit: In this decaying media world around her, Sana could spot other ethical and inspiring people in her circles and was able to establish working relations. Sana owes this to Wali who was the first person to help her see good in people and learn to trust them. Now, Sana’s blogs and FM radio shows have that optimism that Sana had lost somewhere.

Sana had been wanting to tell this story for long. This blog gave her opportunity. Thank you, Sir Wali!

Sana Rehman is a writer, blogger, a radio presenter and a life counselor, based in Lahore.

  • Yasmin Malik

    Encouraging young people with (unblemished) dreams is a real necessity in our country. Well done Wali Zahid for providing the encouragement and I wish Ms Sana Rehman the courage to keep acting upon it.

    • Wali Zahid

      Many thanks, Yasmin. Indeed, youth encouragement and inspiration is critical. There are plenty of role models out there.

  • Sana A. Rehman

    Thank u so much 🙂 once again

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