I was a participant in our second orientation training batch. From my first batch, I had heard about one great trainer who was a brilliant coach and a fine human being. It was an evening with cool breeze at Civil Aviation Training Institute (CATI), Hyderabad, when I first saw Wali Zahid in a decent shalwar kameez at Maghrib prayers in the mosque.

The very next morning when we entered the training room, I was amazed to see that the laptop and projector were set up before 8’o clock. Wali was already standing in the room waiting for the participants. He then started first  session on Aviation Leadership and self-assessment topics.

It was my first opportunity to look inside myself to reflect on who I am, what I can do for my organisation, and how I can change and conquer the hidden potential within me. Wali’s Will-Skill Matrix and his emphasis on future really struck me. As the week-long journey into the future started, it really changed the way how I was searching answers.

From the very first day I started following Wali’s Facebook posts and his eye on the future trends. He persuaded me to choose the topic of my interest and start searching through different platforms. I started sharing different news, videos and posts with Wali during the course and after and he liked my efforts so much that one day he made me an unofficial advisor to SkillCity’s Facebook page (voluntary, of course! He’s a frugal man!).

I accepted the offer with pleasure and working with Wali very closely. He is a great mentor and my knowledge is renewed and refreshed everyday, just because of change in my thinking and vision. His attention to detail is remarkable.

A close intellectual friend recently observed: ‘MJ, you behave like a very mature person for your age.’ This may sound rude but I consider this to be an achievement. Thanks to Wali.

I have started to learn how to solve issues when they arise. Life does not appear complicated because I approach challenges from a positive perspective and generate multiple options.

“What is a teacher? I’ll tell you: it isn’t someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give his best in order to discover what he already knows.” –Paulo Coelho, The Witch of Portobello.

Engr. Muhammad Muzammal Naseer Janjua is a BS in Software Engineering and currently doing MS in Project Management. He is an Assistant Manager IT in Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority.

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    Very nice. I like the story