While doing an MBA through the years 2005 until 2008 at ZABIST Karachi, I took two consecutive courses on Leadership Readiness and Performance Appraisal: What’s Wrong With It with Wali Zahid.

The following are the five reasons I am indebted to Wali for life:


Wali gave me a very strong reassurance that I was walking in the right direction. I learnt from him that the people who explore do not need to hesitate in dealing with ambiguity, and it is ok to be the first or only one in an uncertain situation!

Concept of readiness

Again, thanks to Wali’s guidance, it was year 2006, when Allah enabled me to see readiness as a concept. I am unable to scribe down the immense changes it brought to my thought process.

Responding to queries

I learnt from Wali how to be available and respond to a very large audience individually. I have written him quite lengthy e-mails in the past, and he always gave feedback. I took it as a lesson, to always respond to people who write to me, and have reaped valuable benefits out of it!

Creating knowledge

Wali demonstrated to a number of students at Zabist, year 2006, on how to create knowledge. We worked on a student-led book A to Z of Leadership Readiness, available on the internet. I took that lesson to heart, and have been creating models and theories on my own to understand the world around me!

Keep googling

Apart from his valuable advice to his pupils, Wali has always put a strong emphasis on keeping the search engines “on”, and looking until the 20th results page. Sometimes, the most relevant of things are available at the very end.

Formerly with Deloitte, Mirza Faizan Baig is now based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, where he is working for Battoyor Group in recruitment & organizational development (OD).

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