F'rah Mukhtar

First glance at Wali Zahid with his laptop bag on his shoulder and I knew it could only be him, since I had already been introduced to him before his arrival. One word: dynamic!

I was at CATI, Hyderabad, December 2013, for my office management course. First session with Wali and the information started to flow. I couldn’t seem to grab all of it, but his humbleness in introducing himself and his career and a lot of unconventional material was pointing at the fact that I need to gear up, use all my strength, wit and brain to keep up with him, or at least try to keep up with him.

Trying to answer some of his mind-boggling questions, I sometimes made a complete fool of myself in front of the entire batch, sometimes just a fraction of right answer and still sometimes, bingo! But he made me struggle to answer the questions, struggle to know more, struggle to upgrade my perspective of the fast-changing world.

Living in the present, Wali has a keen eye on the future, backed by solid research.

Attending his energy-packed sessions, world-class live data updates, correct up to the passing minutes and seconds was something very exciting and it told me how lucky I am to be born in this era.

I can confidently say that my way of thinking has been completely dented. Wali is like a powerhouse, his shares and updates on social media are a constant source of energy.

I am very fortunate to have been introduced to him.

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F’rah Mukhtar is a graduate of UET, Lahore. An architect, a photographer, a blogger and a writer in architectural magazines, her thesis was published internationally. She is currently working with Civil Aviation Authority.

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