The Scenario: December 9, 2009 at 1:28 am

This is a dreadful night in December 2009. In the past 24 hours, Pakistanis have been gripped by fear resulting from five suicide attacks and bomb blasts in three cities from north to centre to south of the country, killing and maiming 100’s of children, women and men (over 500 lives lost in an attack nearly every 48 hour since October).

In the same 24 hours, there have been deaths resulting from train derailment, roof collapse, factory fires, etc.

At the same time, sugar has long disappeared from shops for both the rich and the poor. Prices of each commodity have risen to a level where it is out of reach for common citizens. Nearly every street and road is broken and most are in a shambles.

Police and the army, instead of establishing the rule of law, are the target of suicide attacks and their men are worried about their own safety and lives.

The country’s president, infamously alleged for every public crime that is possible for a human being, instead of dealing with this ongoing carnage, is more worried about his fate after the court’s hearing of his graft accumulation of billions of dollars.

In the past, we have also seen new faces and new groups coming and ruling with an agenda or promise of a change, but they were the same people: morally and financially bankrupt.

Even as we speak, there are people who are talking about the incompetence of the current leaders and want to replace them. Are they any different? Remove the masks from their faces, and you will find them: they are the same.

Agreed that there may be unidentified (namoolam as they say) elements behind this bloodshed and bent on harming all of us. But what’s our role in all of this?

The big question is what we have done to deserve these killings, bloodshed and such leadership while other countries in the region are living in peace and growing economically and socially. The short answer is: everything. In one word: Injustice.

How did we reach this conclusion? Not out of a human judgment. This is what the Quran and Hadith tell us. We are going to share the Quran and Hadith warnings with you in the pages that follow.

What is Tehreek-e-Adl?

Tehreek-e-Adl (Justice Movement) is an advocacy and reform group run by concerned volunteers in Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis. This group encourages communities and members to try to do justice with everyone and everything 24/7. In every action they take. We know it’s an impossible and tall order. But we can find at least a minority that can.

We expect that by doing justice, we will be able to save ourselves from this ongoing carnage in our society which we have earned in the past 62 years of individual and collective wrongdoing and zulm (the opposite of adl).

We aim to send a message to Allah that yes, we have sinned in every aspect of our life but we are seeking His forgiveness and ready to change our lifestyles – from a violator’s to a just Muslim’s. And that we are ready to do justice in every role we play.

Why Tehreek-e-Adl?

Pakistan has seen many religious, political or reform movements which aimed at providing justice at the leadership or state level. That did not happen in the 62 years of our life. And it won’t, either.

We forgot that the leaders are only a reflection of the masses. We as masses have broken every aspect of justice; how could we develop leaders who would do any different, or any better?

The Tehreek encourages people to do justice, an often ignored area. 24/7.

Why now?

Today’s Pakistan is marred by suicide attacks nearly every day. There’s absolutely no rule of law, with even basic commodities like sugar, electricity, wheat and vegetables out of access of everyone – rich and poor.

Ordinary men and women are deprived of their mobile phones, money and cars every day on the streets of Karachi. Rapes are rampant in rural areas and everywhere.


Tehreek-e-Adl was founded on 10 Zilhaj 1430, 28 November 2009.

The founder

Wali Zahid is the founder president of Tehreek-e-Adl. A reformer, leadership thinker and activist, he has been a journalist, an academic, a corporate trainer and coach.

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