Allah: a) Do what He has asked you to do: pray, fast, pay zakah; b) stay away from what he prescribed as major sins: shirk (associating someone with Allah), zina (adultery), alcohol, riba (interest), using magic to gain your objectives, killing someone, gambling, usurping an orphan’s property or money, pornography, following non-Muslims in their attire and culture.

People: Be kind in conversation (do not be harsh and abusive); fulfill promises, be a truth teller, be an ameen. Do not usurp what belongs to others.

Environment: Conserve resources and do not abuse environment. Plant trees. Be kind to animals.

Workplace: Do justice to the work that you have been paid to do. Follow timings. Put in energy and sincerity of intent.

Business: Weigh in full. Price right. Tell if your product has a defect. Do not hoard things. Do not be greedy.

Public sphere: Go beyond self interest. Take decisions which have public good. Enforce the rule of law. Give jobs and contracts on merit. Do not give or take bribes.

Homes: Be kind to spouses, be dutiful and respectful to parents and be caring to children. Turn your children into responsible and God-fearing citizens, fulfill neighbour’s rights (or do not be harmful, to say the least).

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