10 September 2018: Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad, former Rector, University of Management and Technology (UMT) returned to his Creator, in a road accident near Gilgit, Northern Areas. Inna Lillah. When writing these few lines (below) a few years ago, it never occurred to me that I will be posting his obituary so soon.

Things I recall about him:

  • He was a daring risk-taker. Without that he wouldn’t have been able to create such footprint impacting millions of lives.
  • He was a generous man. Every time I visited Lahore, he would send me his personal USV to pick me for lunch or dinner at his favourite place or home. At one time, his son Ibrahim Murad accompanied me only to have an uninterrupted conversation.
  • He was patient and tolerated much deviation to his plans.
  • He ignored people’s disloyalties and would only smile when their mention would come up.
  • He led prayers, taught Quran and Hadith, in addition to his university teaching

Wali Zahid | IMC

Upon return from London in 1999, Wali Zahid joined ILM Lahore (now UMT) as Associate Dean, Faculty of Media & Communications (FMC). The FMC offered degree programs in MSc Mass Communications and MSc Media Management. The latter program couldn’t take off, while in the MSc Mass Comm, only two batches could be recruited, with a small number of students.

The program wouldn’t meet the revenue requirements of the university. So, after a struggle of about two years, Wali took responsibility for failure and moved on to British Council where he became the Country Director, Management Development Services from 2001-2008.

Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad, Rector and owner of UMT (University of Management and Technology), in a recent interview mentioned Wali fondly. This was a surprise that Dr Murad still remembered Wali in spite of a failure. Have a look.

In a later lunch meeting with Dr Murad, where Wali received the magazine carrying his interview, Wali was surprised to find out that the whole 11-page interview on ILM/UMT journey mentioned only three names: Dr Murad’s father, Dr Murad’s former boss Hussain Dawood, Rector LUMS, and Wali’s. That’s some blessing. Subhan Allah.

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  • Umer Zahid

    My Beloved Big brother, my mentor , my teacher, and my dear friend Dr Hassan Sohaib Murad has passed away in road accident and I am in shock , still trying to believe this news but my mind is not ready to admit this news.
    Allah Pak Dr Sahib ko Apny Khas Pyary logo mein rakhy. Please also prey for his son which is critically injured.

    Dr Hassan sb app humesha humary dil mein zinda hae or rahe gy. Humare dua mein shamil hon gy. 😢😢😢 .