Today, I learnt a tiny lesson (with BIG gains) from our eight-year-old son, Hasan. He was playing an online game on my iPhone 5. Suddenly he handed me the phone saying: Papa, can you please keep pressing these coins on this and the next page. Apparently, these were his bonus coins and the game couldn’t be paused.

Not sure why I was being asked as I never played these games and he knew his dad could be lousy, I asked him: Why don’t you do it yourself. His reply: I need to pee and I can’t hold it! Can you please just keep pressing the coins?

I complied!

When he returned a couple of minutes later, he checked the game and found two deficiencies which he quickly mentioned. And carried on with the game. No heartburn. No blame!

Learning for me: When I train or coach business leaders including C-Level executives, they find a great deal of difficulty in trusting the people they are managing in delegating key tasks. They don’t trust them enough because they may not have the required experience, years,  skillset or responsibility quotient. I had none of these. Hasan still delegated me. And got the results he wanted.

Moral: Delegate. Any way. Even if your reports do not have what you require. They will learn it over time. This will allow you to pee (in management speak: what we call work-life balance!).

  • Frah

    that’s cute, learned a valuable lesson 🙂

  • Sabir Amin Muhammad

    Very True. We can Learn a lot from our children about simple life & effectively living in moments and enjoying what we already have.

  • Nadia Qasim

    Wali, I can see… you are using the latest ‘story telling method’ for training 😉 loved it!! waiting for more stories and lessons 😉

  • Anum Khan

    Loved the blog.
    That is exactly what i think that if a manager doesnt trust his / her subordinate, resultantly he is just disabling him /her of learning and doing well.

  • farah

    Lessons are every where , but if some body has a potential to learn it.. Thumbs up sir for your spirit of learning.

  • Amer Farooq

    Impressive, mainly because its to-the-point and brief. Verily, brevity is the soul of wit

  • Humayun

    Short and sweet. Important learning can come in a few seconds

  • Muhammad Azam

    That is true sir, But what a subordinate can do, If his/her boss is not willing at all to delegate work.??

  • Wali Zahid

    Azam – Change the boss! We deserve the boss we have!