Wali is an aviation enthusiast. Back in 2005, he predicted that just as we own cars today, we can own a commuter plane with a vertical takeoff, perhaps battery- or solar-operated. This plane will be used for within-city commute. A fictional flying car in real life.

He in fact encouraged his young son Ali Zahid to go to an air show in Dubai that year to start talking to other enthusiasts to help build that plane. Ali had other plans in mind, and politely declined 🙁

Wali is hoping that this decade will finally see flying car’s commercial deployment. He’ll like to own a two-seater plane. Mostly because he doesn’t like driving. Or, perhaps he can wait for driverless cars when these are launched if a plane is not handy by then.

He does not just fantasise about the planes, he keeps a close eye on the trends shaping the future of travel, with the 2050 benchmark on flying.

Check out his satire: MH370 apology: Technology is so overrated!

As a globe-trotter, Wali has been to all parts of the world, from down-under Sydney to a cold Ottawa, to San Francisco in the West to NYC/Washington DC in the East, and Chicago in the Midwest. He has travelled the best of the best airlines – from his favourite Virgin Atlantic to some not-so-favourite American Airways-type.

And why forget Kenya, Syria, all Middle East, all South Asia, most Southeast Asia, and most Europe. This jet-setting brought him to the best of airports and some of the worst.

He uses this 20-year knowledge about airports and airlines and related convenience or lack of it to the classroom and pushes executives to make it customer-centric endeavour in their sphere. Hope it’s not too much to ask.

With clients like Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority and airlines including PIA, AirBlue, Emirates, Gulf Air, he’s helping leaders shape up that future fast. He has spoken to students of MBA in Aviation Management at PAF-KIET too.

His most-liked course is called Aviation Leadership and is available in a 5-day module.

To see the trends in aviation, see Wali’s Facebook page: Skill City

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