Wali Zahid is a Pakistani futurist, speaker, social media strategist and blogger.

His blog, walizahid.com, is the most authentic go-to place on everything Pakistan.

Wali was one of the first bloggers to post about CPEC as a game changer and THE first to publish an in-country post on OBOR.

Known for his widely-read Pakistan2050 forecasts, Wali appears on national TV, occasionally writes for The News and speaks about CPEC and OBOR enthusiastically.

He was part of the first nationwide brainstorming on Vision 2025 at Planning Commission in 2013.

Wali’s early work life was as a journalist where he worked for Dawn, The Nation and becoming Editor of The News, Lahore in 1991. He later worked briefly at BBC London.

In 1993, he established Institute of Media & Communications (IMC) in Islamabad which offered training courses in print and TV journalism, advertising, cartooning and PR.

Wali has been a China watcher for 30 years and has seen China grow from ‘just another’ country to become world’s next superpower.

Wali was an early adapter to online media, using email by 1994, first website in 1997, and early user of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

His Twitter followers include US President Barack Obama, several Pakistani ministers and media people.

His Facebook page has nearly 150k fans and LinkedIn over 16k followers.

For official and work-related bio, click here.

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